Sunday, April 02, 2006

Girls, 2004. Photo and Copyrights: Tanja Ostojic

Artistic Intervention in Digital Media Space:

Director and author of the TV Programe: Tanja Ostojić
Camera: David Rych

Open Studio of New Belgrade Chronicle is a TV series consisting of short programmes, lasting approximately 10 minutes each.
The programme refers to the well-known „Belgrade Chronicle“, and its collage structure: cultural-entertainment-communal-info character, including the guest. The novelty is that the Open Studio will be recorded without constraints, on authentic city locations, not in a TV studio. The focus of the programme will differ from episode to episode.

Intending to portrait citizens of Belgrade and the city itself as a lively and variedly international environment, Open Studio of New Belgrade Chronicle will mostly focus on alternative values and marginalized persons and groups, who have restricted access to the media, and are often excluded from the decision making processes that determine their lives and future. This exclusion is the consequence of a lack of equal rights in society and a lack of representatives to support them in political, economic and media structures.
The programme Open Studio of New Belgrade Chronicle will work with the following issues:
alternative architecture, recycling materials, Roma community, gay and lesbian community, gender equality, alternative ways of living, alternative nuriture, vegetarianism, alternative economies, the Chinese minority in Belgrade, alternative medicines, as well as concepts opposing main stream consumers’ society, homeless…

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Broadcast '07
Open Studio of the New Belgrade Chronicle
- TV Politika, Belgrade (RS) Feb 28 at 20pm, 2007
- TV BHTV 1, Sarajevo (BIH) the Kitchen SCCA/ TV show, April, 2007

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TV series Open Studio of New Belgrade Chronicle will be realized in collaboration with independent TV production VIN - Video nedeljnik/ Weekly Independet News (

Text translation: Marija Vukovic and Joeri Smet